This stereoscopic 25-pano virtual tour of the Indian Meenakshi-Sundareswara Temple here was provided by Aboorvasamy Sureshbabu / - special thanks!

 View the pano with a Oculus Rift DK1 or DK2 (NPVR Plugin requiered)

  • Notes about the Oculus Rift / Stereoscopic support:

    • This is only a first and experimental implementation!
    • The rendering itself is not fully correct - instead of applying the Oculus Rift lens distortions, only an approximated krpano fisheye distortion is used. The chromatic aberration of the Oculus Rift lens is not corrected yet.
    • The IPD, which stands for interpupillary distance, is the distance between your pupils, can be changed in the rift.xml. The default setting is 63,5mm. The IPD can be changed at runtime by using the +/- keyboard keys.
    • Note - this is only a temporary solution - there will be be later a dedicated krpano version with direct stereoscopic support (only one viewer with the possibility to switch anytime between normal and VR mode).

 THIS IS VR Oculus Version

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