Description: This Video can be watched in 3D. To turn it on, click the Settings button in the down right corner of the screen, click "3D" and select "Anaglyph". This is a VR video - a brand new kind of video that gives you a sense of depth in every direction so you feel like you’re actually there. For full effect, watch it in a Google Cardboard viewer ( Currently, the VR Player works with most web browsers (except for Safari), and in the YouTube Android App. The YouTube iOS App displays it as a "normal" 360° video. This video was created using a development version of the Minecraft ReplayMod. For more information, visit Johni0702 and I had the honor to collaborate with the Google Cardboard Team to implement the new Omnidirectional Stereoscopic (ODS) projection into the ReplayMod. This feature will be available with the next update of the ReplayMod. ReplayMod Trailer: Basic Tutorial: Hypixel's Turbo Kart Racers in 360°: CrushedPixel on Twitter: Johni0702 on Twitter: Support the Developers: Music: "Violent Wavebusting 5" by EpidemicSound And as always, leaving a like makes me happy ?

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